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Members of a football club


Become a Sponsor of TEDFNC and help support your local football club. Your sponsorship helps to pay for equipment, support the players and staff, and promote the club in the local area. With your help, TEDFNC can continue to grow and reach its full potential.

Hey there!

As you're probably aware, our sports club relies on active community participation and sponsorship to sustain us for the current season and into the future. There are many ways you can financially support our club, from private donations to large-scale business sponsorship. We also welcome goods and services donated throughout the season for promotional raffles etc.

In return, we can offer visible outcomes of your donation, including increased support and resources for our players and members, and increased visibility of your business.

Some examples of TEDFNC's current projects include:

  • Subsidised Player fees

  • Netball Court Resurfacing

  • Electronic Scoreboard Purchase and Installation

We would greatly appreciate any support you can offer. Feel free contact us, or alternatively return the form below to progress your sponsorship.

Looking forward to working with you.


 Yours sincerely,

Thornton Eildon District Football Netball Club


Thanks for submitting!

Sponsorship Description
Tier 1
Large sign,4 tickets to Sponsors Day, 2x TEDFNC Jumper, 2x TEDFNC Beanie, 4 Tickets to Presentation Night
Tier 2
Large sign, 2 tickets to Sponsors Day, 1x TEDFNC Jumper, 1x TEDFNC Beanie.
Tier 3
Large sign on field oval
Tier 4
Small sign on field oval
ISponsor/TEDFNC Partnership – No Upfront Cost
ISponsor Registration – Ongoing donations throughout the season when members make purchases at your business.
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